energy convention 2015

Energy Convention 2015

Datum: 24 november 2015

The Energy Convention is an international platform for the interaction between professionals, energy experts, entrepreneurs and students from different areas. Since the last couple of years around 1000 visitors come to the convention to listen to and debate with inspiring high profile speakers. The convention not only offers the keynote speakers, showcases and our international start-up event, but also a great amount of networking possibilities.

This year’s theme: The Energy Revolution

The transition to a more sustainable energy system is gathering pace. Nothing short of an energy revolution is going on. But some developments in this transition are going faster than others, and some solutions work better than others. “Why is that the case?”, is one of the questions we want to answer at this year’s convention. Why does distributed renewable generation work in some sectors and areas but why is it not (yet) a suitable solution for our major industries? And what can these industries do to reduce their emissions? Apart from technological innovation, the energy transition requires changes in policies, business models, public attitudes and much more. It is therefore essential that we look at these issues using a multidisciplinary approach. What are the main barriers for moving to a sustainable energy system? How and why does that vary per sector or country? There are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions in energy, so at this year’s Energy Convention we want to come to a better understanding of what’s involved and discuss a road map towards a sustainable energy future.

More information on The Energy Convention 2015

More information on this convention can be found on the site of the Energy Academy Europe.

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