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Energy Lecture: Energy Transition – The Case of Russia

Datum: 1 maart 2017 , Tijd: 11.30 - 13.00 uur

The Energy Academy Europe organises Energy Lectures regularly. On March 1, Dr. Tatiana Mitrova will give a lecture on the energy transition in Russia.

Russian policy on energy transition

What is the potential of renewables and is it really close to zero, as the fossil fuel industry insists? Dr. Tatiana Mitrova addresses the topic from a policy point of view and provides insights on the state of energy transition in the Russian Federation and the main challenges for this process in the resource rich countries like Russia. She will also discuss other drivers that have repercussions for the pace of energy transition in Russia, and Russian energy sector as a whole.

Russia, despite being responsible for only 3 per cent of the world’s GDP and 2 per cent of its population is, in terms of energy resources, the third largest energy producer after China and the USA and the fourth largest energy consumer. It is also the absolute world leader in the total export of hydrocarbons. Huge fossil fuel resources as well as high dependency on hydrocarbon revenues make energy transition especially challenging for the country.

Traditionally Russia has been quite ambivalent in its approach to climate change and the issues to which it gives rise (such as measures to diversify energy supply and to improve the economy’s energy efficiency). Only very modest progress is seen regarding renewables, the development of which are constrained by objective economic reasons, their low degree of competitiveness, and the much greater focus on energy efficiency, which could be for Russia a major component of the ‘transition to new energy’.

About dr. Tatiana Mitrova

Tatiana Mitrova, Head of Oil and Gas Department in the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ERI RAS), Research Scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, Senior Visiting Research Fellow of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES).

Tatiana Mitrova

Dr. Mitrova has more than twenty years of experience in dealing with the development of Russian and global energy markets, including production, transportation, demand, energy policy, pricing and market restructuring. She is leading annual “Global and Russian Energy Outlook Up To 2040” project. From 2011-2012 she was Head of Global Energy at the SKOLOKOVO Energy Centre, responsible for analysis of the global energy market and the Russian Federation’s energy export and import policy. From 2006-2011 she was Head of the Center for International Energy Markets Studies in ERI RAS. Dr. Mitrova is a member of the Governmental Commission of the Russian Federation on fuel and energy complex and member of the Board of Directors in Unipro (former E.ON-Russia). She is a graduate of Moscow State University’s Economics Department. Dr. Mitrova is an Assistant Professor at Gubkin Oil and Gas University and Visiting Professor at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) Paris School of International Affairs. She has more than 120 publications in scientific and business journals and four books.

Location Energy Lecture

Energy Academy Europe, Nijenborgh 6, Groningen. Lecture Room 5159.0029 (ground floor).

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