entrepreneurship and energy

Energy lecture: entrepreneurship and energy

Datum: 6 oktober 2016 , Tijd: 15.30 - 17.00 uur

Every organisation defines their goals on sustainability, but how do you carry out these strategies and make an impact? How do you make business out of sustainable energy? What initiatives are there to support upcoming economies? Do these energy initiatives succeed in the same way throughout the Western world? How do you become a successful entrepreneur in sustainable energy?

Entrepreneurship and energy

As the profitability of sustainable energy initiatives is a relevant issue, Energy Academy Europe is proud to announce their next energy lecture by Maurits Groen, the ‘most sustainable person of the year 2015’ according to Trouw newspaper; in the lecture he will speak about Entrepreneurship and energy.

Maurits Groen is a well known entrepreneur participating in numerous sustainable initiatives all over the world. He is best known as the founder of ‘Waka-Waka’, a company that produces and distributes high-quality solar LED lights for families that earn less than $2 per day. Furthermore, by utilising his company he helps organisations to further develop their vision and strategy in the field of sustainability.

This energy lecture is available for everyone who wants to learn more about being an entrepreneur in sustainability, particularly those with an interest in energy. Maurits Groen can draw from his vast experience in projects for all kinds of organisations, all over the world. If you are thinking about becoming a sustainable entrepreneur, you cannot miss this event. In addition, the energy lecture will be interactive: you will get the opportunity to ask questions, put forward problems and discuss prominent issues.

About Maurits Groen

Maurits Groen is co-founder of Waka-Waka, a company producing efficient solar LED lights and chargers with the aim of creating sustainable impact in developing countries. For over thirty years Maurits has been active as a consultant on sustainability policy and communication strategy, connecting people and organisations in order to work towards sustainable solutions. In 2015 Maurits was awarded the title of ‘Most sustainable person of the year’ (number 1 in the Trouw Sustainable Top 100 in The Netherlands).

Location Energy lecture

The location of this Energy lecture is the Auditorium of the Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum at Zernike Campus Groningen.

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