Energysense Event

Datum: 10 maart 2017 , Tijd: 13.30 - 16.30 uur

Since the Energysense team recently moved its offices into the Energy Academy building, this is a great occasion to welcome the Energysense participants into this new home, given that Energysense is already entering  into hundreds of participants’ homes.

Energysense event

And so on Friday, March 10 Energysense will be hosting a special event at the super-sustainable building on Zernike Campus. Energysense-participants will be invited that day for guided tours in the building, meet the Energysense-team members in person, attend special lectures and go head to head with the team about their interest in energy and sustainability. People can engage in scientific tests and research on the spot, and of course there will be plenty of fun and games: kids are welcome, too!

Energysense Event details:
Date: Friday March 10th – 13.30 – 16.30
Location: Energy Academy Europe building, Nijenborgh 6 on the Zernike Campus Groningen.

Are you a participant and do you want to join our event? Please e-mail us.

About Energysense

The focus of Energysense is the household because energy is crucial to our homelife: energy contributes to our comfort, convenience and communication needs at home. The household is where we consume energy –and for some of us, where we store and produce energy. Energy use at home is shaped by our behaviour and by a host of other factors, such as how housing is built, the costs of energy and how energy is delivered. Energysense collects data on all these aspects, so that we can get a full picture of what drives energy use and so that we can increase insights, savings and efficiency when it comes to energy. Energysense provides the sophisticated physical and organisational structure necessary for complex data collection about all these different aspects. Given that about 20% of direct energy consumption takes place at the household level, Enerysense can really make a difference.


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