open dag hanzehogeschool 2016

Welcome Day voor non-EU studenten Hanzehogeschool

Datum: 1 september 2016 , Tijd: 12.00 - 17.00 uur

To give a warm welcome to all the new international students of the Hanzehogeschool, the Hanzehogeschool will organize a Welcome Day (formerly known as Welcoming Day). The main Welcome Day programme, for both EU and Non-EU students, will take place on 2 Se​ptember 2016. Non-EU students will have a Pre-Welcome Day programme on 1 September.​

Welcome Day​​ September 2

During the Welcome Day, you will be officially introduced to the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen and get your first real taste of Dutch culture. The programme includes introductory speeches by the Executive Board and other representatives of the university, an information market, an introduction into Dutch Culture, lunch, and sessions on important practical issues that you need to take care of. Of course you will also get the chance to meet your new fellow international students while the Hanzehogeschool present lots of interesting topics in various settings.

You will receive your student card or information on what you still need to do to receive your student card and your login details for your Hanze e-mail account. Information sessions and assistance by the International Service Desk will be provided on insurance matters, registration as a citizen of Groningen, opening a bank account, and immigration matters.

During that day, you can also sign up for a social introduction week that is organized by one of the student organizations (ESN or IBS-U​) attending the event. During an introduction week you will get to know the different social and cultural aspects of Groningen. It includes a city tour, parties, dinners and cultural events.​

The study programme where you are going to study will also organize an introductory programme that will introduce you to the programme and its staff. You will get information on schedules, counselling, facilities, modules, projects, et cetera, and you will get to know the students that you will be studying with. Information on dates and times for this programme will be sent to you by the school itself.​

​Pre-welcome day September 1

Non-EU students will have a Pre-Welcome Day programme the day before as well in order to take care of specific immigration, municipality registration, residence permit and TBC matters.

Non-EU students who have picked up an MVV visa sticker prior to their arrival in the Netherlands, will receive their residence permits during the Pre-Welcome Day programme. They will also undergo a TBC checkup and they will be registered as citizens of Groningen. Students from South Korea can take a TBC checkup, register as a citizen of Groningen and have their biometric details taken. All other students from Non-EU countries except for those who will apply for a WHS permit, must register as citizens of Groningen and have their biometric details taken. You will receive instructions on what to do in order to receive a residence permit during the day. Location: De Appel, Zernikeplein 7 in Groningen.


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