welcoming ceremony 2017

Welcoming Ceremony 2017

Datum: 2 februari 2017

The University of Groningen organizes an official Welcoming Ceremony 2017 for all new international guests at the beginning of both the first and second semester. All new international students should receive an invitation from the University about 4 week before the event. If for some reason you do not receive such an invitation, please contact us. Attending the ceremony is free of charge. New international students are strongly advised to attend. The first upcoming welcoming ceremony will take place on Thursday 2 February 2017.

During the Welcoming Ceremony 2017, all new international students will be addressed by distinguished speakers such as the mayor and the president of the university in Groningen’s famous Martini Church. Also, an information fair will take place where students will be introduced to whatever the university and the city have to offer in terms of sports and cultural facilities, international student associations and much more! We will end the day in celebration of your arrival with live music, dancing, drinks and snacks. The Welcoming Ceremony is the perfect opportunity to meet fellow international students and staff of the university and its faculties!


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